Explore Historic Pigeon Island: Home of The Landings St Lucia

Located on St Lucia’s stunning northeast coast,Guest Posting Pigeon Island is one of the country’s most picturesque and historic spots.

A scattering of colonial forts and garrisons, luxury resorts like The Landings St Lucia, and breath-taking view points out across the Caribbean to neighbouring island Martinique make Pigeon Island a great place to visit and an even more tempting place to stay.

The History of Pigeon Island

As the name suggests, this used Pigeon deterrents to be a small island off the coast of St Lucia which was only connected to the mainland back in the 1972 when the government built a causeway from excavated sediment from the local Rodney Bay.

But Pigeon Island’s dramatic history goes back much further than this and is largely linked to its spectacular location with views out over the Caribbean. The first historic references to the island are back in the 16th century when it is described as the place from which French pirate Jambe de Bois (Wooden Leg) spied on, and then launched his attacks on, passing Spanish ships.

By the 18th Century British Admiral George Rodney had begun to appreciate the island’s special strategic vantage point with its views out across Martinique. In 1778 he had built a fort, garrison and barracks from which to monitor the French fleet stationed at the neighbouring island.

Today, visitors to Pigeon Island can still walk around Fort Rodney Hill and explore the crumbling remains of the garrison, fort and a kitchen dating back to 1824. Still standing, the deserted barracks dramatically evoke the island’s military past.

The connection with the past runs right through Pigeon Island including the luxury beach villas of The Landings, St Lucia, where residents can lie back and enjoy the same view as Jambe de Bois did nearly 500 years before.

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